Why I {love} Blogging

I blog because I mother...

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I have recently had a variety of friends ask me a question that went something like this...

"So...you have a blog now?" 

I understand the question, I mean a blog? Just who do I think I am anyways? 

Well, I'll tell you...I am a momma. 

I am a momma who has always subscribed to the "it takes a tribe" method of mothering. I do or have belonged to just about every mothering group in my area and I require large doses of support and encouragement from my inner mommy circle. I can't imagine not having these women around me who consistently encourage and challenge me. 

For instance one of my dear mommy friends is currently awaiting petite number five. That's right, I said 5. She already has four perfect amazing kids, and her and her husband have now decided to increase their family to five...or six. (see they put down on the adoption paper work that they would take a sibling group under VERY limited circumstances, but I am really hoping that happens...I think it's the "comfortable in chaos" part of me talking.) She inspires me to see that when you can change a child's life, and have love to give there is only one thing left to do... make room for more!

Another good mommy friend has three also beautiful kids and is expecting number four. (Do you see a trend here? I love mom's with lives even more crazy than mine.) What makes her so inspiring? She homeschool's ALL her kids...while she is pregnant! I can't even get through homework time most days without needing a nap, or at least a valium. (I am of course, COMPLETELY kidding about the valium and would never encourage improper drug use.)

Even my mommy friend who has just one baby (yep, I seriously only have one friend without multiple kids) understands my life and my marriage in a way my non-mommy friends can't. Her daughter is cute as can be with adorable outfits and the cutest blonde curls, I just know very soon Bella will have hair that doesn't look like
 Helena Bonham Carter's.

Motherhood is a special kind of place that only Mom's can truly understand. Sure we might let non-Mommy's stop in for a visit every now and again but it's kind of like coming to my house and only seeing the downstairs. Downstairs (for the most part) is organized and neat and down right tidy, this is the place where all are welcome. Only a fellow mother would I ask to go upstairs with me to my abyss of a laundry room, past the first two mountains of laundry, to that stinky pile in the back to retrieve the (almost) perfectly clean pair of socks on top. Only other Mom's do I trust to hear all about my "stinky sock" moments and not just get it... but assure me that my children (most likely) will not be permanently damaged by my sometimes less that perfect mothering abilities.

This blog is a place where I get to laugh, vent, inspire, be accountable, remember, challenge, and share with friends, family, and fellow mommies. 

So...yes, I have a blog...and I believe there is a good reason mom blogs are in a category all their own.

Sharing Mommahood A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)


  1. I love this! This describes blogger mommys perfectly. I used to blog or try to for real estate because that's my job, but I really didn't care. It wasn't that important to me. But when I started reading mommy blogs, I fell in love and changed mine up. It's nice to hear similar stories, or that it's okay to have a bad day. Mostly though, I love having a place to vent or talk or babble. I love being able to share my little Maggie stories and update my pregnancy journal. I'm so glad I started this. It hasn't been long, but I already feel like I "know" some of the moms!

  2. Hi Amanda!
    Hope you are doing well. You haven't been blogging in a while!
    I'm just stopping by to let you know I gave you a shout out and a Thank You today on my blog :)