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This is me...

I'm a big city girl who fell in love with a small town boy. 
We met, dated, fell in love, got pregnant, went on an amazing Honeymoon to Greece, and then got married...yes, in that order.

 We married young, had our first child (a boy) four months after we wed, and welcomed our first daughter only 13 months later. 

Those years were tough.

A little because of us being so young, a little because marriage is just hard sometimes, and a lot because we didn't know yet about my bipolar diagnosis.

I changed, he changed, I grew, he grew. 
Our family grew (by two more sweet babies).

Our love grew too, and in the end the boy of my dreams became the man I get to share my life with...and thats so much better.

If you have never heard this song

 (Dancing in the minefields by: Andrew Peterson ) 

you should give it a listen, it is pretty much the soundtrack to this story.

So here I am, a wife to that man I just adore, a momma to four of the sweetest petites I know, and a girl living out my great big dreams in a small southern town. 

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Living the Sweet Life
(As Southern As Possible)


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