Saturday, February 26, 2011

That was an amazing day.

Six Years Wed...


After six years of marriage there are definitely a few things I have learned. One of those things is this:

Your Wedding Day will not be the most amazing day of your life.

 Its true. Weddings are beautiful and amazing and romantic and IMPORTANT, but weddings are no where near the most amazing day of your life. 

At least this statement is true for me. 

I loved my wedding, every minute of it, but far more amazing in retro-spec was just one day before. The day I felt our perfect son Holden move in my stomach for the very first time.

Four and a half months probably seems early to some of you to feel your first child’s first movements but any of you who have ever met the kid Know he moves in a BIG way! In fact I am not sure he has quit moving for one minute since that day.

I wasn’t sure that it was him that I had felt of course, because babies, when they are that small, feel like bubbles when they move. 

Tiny little bubbles.

I wasn’t sure, but I hoped it was him. 

I wanted him to share in our day and our love.

That was an amazing day.

Or just this past winter with my birthday just days away, my husband surprised me by telling me that all of us, (my husband, myself, and all three kids) were going to Colonial Williamsburg for my birthday weekend.

I’m sure some of you are thinking this sounds not a bit like fun, but when your birthday is New Year’s Eve yet another year of fancy dresses and champagne toasts starts to sound a bit blaze. 

Instead I spent my December 31 sipping hot cider in a tavern where the waitresses serve you in colonial clothing  and a man with a small guitar wandered about singing.

Later with three babies snung in their borrowed beds, I myself drifted off to sleep without so much as a thought of Times Square or the big ball drop. 

Completely satisfied that the new year would find us, and deeply determined that I would gracefully meet 28 in the morning.

That was an amazing day. 

Weddings are important, they are milestones to be celebrated and shared, but for me the best days are the simple kind I spend with my beloved husband and three, still so fresh to the world, petites. 

Have a big beautiful wedding...or a simple backyard ceremony, but keep in mind it isn’t about the day itself, its about celebrating all the simple, sweet, AMAZING days yet to be shared in your new life together.

(As Southern As Possible)