Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Change in My View

Sundays in theSouth...
There is a certain hesitation among some to see Sunday as the first day of the week and not the last. 
I myself, have always looked at Sundays as an ending. An end to the week, an end to the weekend, a wrap up, left over, too tired from the week to really do anything, day.
Well, now I am making a choice to see Sundays as a beginning. A sort of fresh start to a week waiting to be.

Sometimes a small change of perspective can make all the difference...
Instead of using Sundays to look back on an often times crazy, hectic, not quite long enough, but “OH, SO TOO LONG” week, I will choose to look ahead to what next week could bring. 
I will no longer use Sundays to guiltily squeeze in the family time I just didn’t get to in the six days prior. Instead, I will see myself as giving to my family the FIRST of my time, affection, and attention.
(I’m feeling a bit better about my mothering skills already)

I will no longer be scrambling to finish all the errands, and LAUNDRY, and school projects that were a little to far down on my “to do list” to ever earn their check mark. Rather, I will be blessing my home, self, and family by preparing them for the week to come.

And when in those peaceful southern Sunday afternoons I find the time to will not be an exhausted, “ I can not take one more step” kind of rest, but preferably a refreshing deep breath kind of moment when I can align my mind, body, and soul on what is truly important and to what and whom I choose to give my time and attention to in the week to come.
Sunday suddenly seems like an undiscovered day. 
Changing my view and living A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible.)

:Art by Vincent Van Gogh

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