Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fifteen Minute Photo Shoot

How to: Do a Mommy/Daughter photo shoot in just 15 mins...

The boys were still feeling a bit under the weather but Bella and I were determined to enjoy a little piece of this seventy something PERFECT spring Saturday.

I decided that I had fifteen minutes to spare. I mean, no matter how much laundry there is to do, or dishes to clean, floors to mop, or sheets to change after having a house full of sick petites...ANYONE can find fifteen mins right?

I grabbed some handy dandy clothespins, a pink vintage blanket I bought years ago, my kitchen timer, and my trusty Mac book.
(Mac's have this super cool program called Photo Booth, with which, I took all these snapshots)

I only allowed 15 minutes to hang the backdrop and take all the photos. Which I must say took the pressure off to get the perfect picture and made it way more FUN!

The Photo Booth program uses my computer's camera so the action shots turned out a bit blurry but I actually enjoy that quality teamed with my vintage find blanket and the natural backlighting of the afternoon sun.

I let Bella pick all the poses and she didn't fail to impress.

The homemade feel of these makes me smile. This is what Saturdays should be. 

So if you have been neglecting your camera (or your kids...yikes!) Grab that blanket off the spare bed, get your favorite little sidekick(s) and start that timer...your only fifteen minutes away from proof of a really good time!