Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Superhero Snapshot's


I normally wouldn't want to post anything on my blog that may embarrass my kids.
(Well I guess it depends on how funny or cute I think it is but...let's not dwell on the details.)

This, however, was too darling Not to post.

Right now Becks is in the stage where superheros are, well, his hero's.

Spiderman is currently his favorite.

He tries to do everything Spiderman does.

Which mostly means running around jumping on and "fighting" everyone in our house.

He likes to battle my husband in particular.

I think this may have something to do with why...

How could it be anything but an out-and-out great day when you wake up to this nonsensical, mess of a kid.

Enjoying the Spidey phase A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)