Friday, March 25, 2011

You Have a Blog?

I blog because I mother...

I have recently had a variety of friends ask me a question that went something like this...

" have a blog now?" 

I understand the question, I mean a blog? Just who do I think I am anyways? 

Well, I'll tell you...I am a momma. 

I am a momma who has always subscribed to the "it takes a tribe" method of mothering. I do or have belonged to just about every mothering group in my area and I require large doses of support and encouragement from my inner mommy circle. I can't imagine not having these women around me who consistently encourage and challenge me. 

For instance one of my most dear mommy friends is currently expecting baby number five. That's right, I said 5. Brittany is already Momma to four beautiful little girls and is now expecting a boy to round out their little (not so little) family. (Of course baby isn't due till Nov. making her only about two months along so the whole "boy" part is just my hunch) I am totally inspired by how fearlessly she has welcomed the news. (especially since the thought of another baby coming from my body makes me need to sit down for a sec. till the earth stops spinning)

Another good mommy friend has four little beauties of her own and EVERY time I see those girls they are all dressed in adorable (often times co-ordinating) outfits, with perfectly styled hair, and cute matching accessories. Brandi this is you in case you weren't sure. I am so challenged by her baby grooming abilities, and I just know some day very soon Bella will have hair that doesn't look like Helena Bonham Carter's.

Motherhood is a special kind of place that only Mom's can truly understand. Sure we might let non-Mommy's stop in for a visit every now and again but it's kind of like coming to my house and only seeing the downstairs. Downstairs (for the most part) is organized and neat and down right tidy, this is the place where all are welcome. Only a fellow mother would I ask to go upstairs with me to my abyss of a laundry room, past the first two mountains of laundry, to that stinky pile in the back to retrieve the (almost) perfectly clean pair of socks on top. Only other Mom's do I trust to hear all about my "stinky sock" moments and not just get it... but assure me that my children (most likely) will not be permanently damaged by my sometimes less that perfect mothering abilities.

This blog is a place where I get to laugh, vent, inspire, be accountable, remember, challenge, and share with friends, family, and fellow mommies. 

So...yes, I have a blog...and I believe there is a good reason mom blogs are in a category all their own.

Sharing Mommahood A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)


  1. i do not know how moms do it with kids of all the same gender-- KUDOS to you moms!!

  2. So true! Glad you found my blog today, and so glad I found yours! Now go grab yourself some wine, some chocolate and turn on a little Bravo :)

  3. i laighed out loud at the pic of helena.