Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Earthquake.

Feelin' a Bit Shaky...
Yesterday afternoon, a little before two, I found myself sitting at my computer thinking "I don't think I’ll write anything on my blog today...I have nothing interesting to say."
Within a minute and a half of that thought I noticed some slight vibrations in the floor.
"Is that the washing machine on a rampage?" I thought.
No the washing machine isn't on. 
The vibrations grow a bit stronger and a slight rumbling sound begins.
"OMG is a plane about to crash into my house?"
"This is a long plane crash."
Said vibrations continue and I hear my plates in the kitchen and the grandfather clock rattling around.
I look down at my feet which are visibly shaking now.
I run to the next room and scoop up my (almost) two year old.
"It' an Earthquake!"
I say to the confused looking, way to young to have any idea what I am talking about, toddler.
(I still couldn't believe what was happening and I had to tell SOMEONE.) 
I run outside sure my 100 year old house will surely fall to the ground at any moment.
(I mean it is 100 it doesn't take much folks)
Within one second of getting outside it all stops.
No one else is outside on my block.
" I crazy. Where is everyone? Why is no one else out here in the street instead of in their homes, A.K.A death traps?
(most of their homes are like a hundred too.)
I call my husband sure by this point that it was just my boiler exploding or something.
He answers and says "Did you feel that earthquake?"
Oh thank GOD I am neither crazy or out several hundred bucks for a new boiler.
Interesting fact of the day:
Apparently you can have earthquakes in Virginia

And now we go to my two favorite reporters to discuss their earthquake experience...

Previously recorded.

Shaking things up A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)

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