Wednesday, March 14, 2012

15 Spring "Must Haves" For Your Kids

Looking lovely by the shore...

I don't know about you, but I am in LOVE with all the cute nautical finds for spring. 

I am also really obbessed with all the cute (and reasonably priced) clothes for kids right now at H&M.

In fact, I am planning a trip to Richmond this weekend and I must confess my main reason is because I really want to shop H&M.
(We don't have one here in no-where Va. of course)

So I thought I would share some of the inspiration for my trip with you.

Lets start with Belle. (If you have only boys, skip to the bottom)

Cute right?

This sweet polka dot top is so easy to mix & match for lots of cute looks and is only $7.95.

I Matched it with these adorbs chinos which are a great staple. $17.95

This Navy jacket with sailor style buttons really captures all that is cute about the nautical look for kids. It's also jersey material so it's perfect for cool mornings on the way to school or when we are on the boat. (We don't have a boat)
I have to admit that this top is probably my fave thing in the bunch and the stripes and boat neck add the perfect nautical touch. $9.95

 I am a sucker for seersucker, I admit. So I couldn't resist these chino style shorts. $9.95

Polka dot shoes...need I say more? And if you still need convincing they are slip-ons which means you don't have to worry about finding clean socks.

So obviously, I'm into the polka dots this season. But thats not all this suit has going for it. I love the high waisted ruffle bottoms that give it a vintage feel. $14.95

In case you weren't adding as you went that is a whole new wardrobe (including shoes and a new jacket) for your mini-me for only about

Ok, now if you have little men in your life, dont worry there is TONS for them too. Take a peek...


                                                                                     These americana shirts come in a two pack and you get   both for $9.95

Ok, so this shirt isn't really beachy, but the color and stripes make it an easy mix & match for the collection. $9.95

To make up for the lack of ocean flare on the previous shirt, I found this simply Adorable red and white stripped T with a captain octopus in the pocket. I can't wait to get this on Becks...& it's only $4.95!

These shorts aren't pictured above but they were too cute and too practical to leave out. At only $14.95 I know my boys will get plenty of use out of these.

I love this navy cardigan for Holden. He is hot natured so I am sure he will shed it before noon but he will be classiclly trendy till then. (Can you be classiclly trendy?) $14.95

Whether or not my boys will keep this hat on is at best 50/50. But it is seersucker and only $5.95 so in my opinion it's worth a try.

Holden has a slim build so narrow jeans look good on him. These are also dark wash which I much prefer for my "always finds the mud puddle" kid. Plus jeans for just $9.95? Yes, please.

These high top basketball shoes go so well with most of these looks and are a steal at only $9.95, but to be honest I am not sold on the idea of white shoes for my boys. 
(see previous mud puddle comment)

Total for a brand new spring wardrobe for your little guy? Only about $85! 
(and that includes the shorts)

I'll let you know how the shopping trip goes!! 

Dressing Boating ready Babies A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)



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  6. Awesome finds! I have an obsession with stripes and I just love the nautical look :) I think Jack needs that red stripe tee with the octopus!!