Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Fave Five {For New Mom's}

My Fave Five products for new mommies and babies...

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy, or have a fresh to the world little one at home (or if you have a baby shower to attend and the registry is already pretty picked over) here are some of my most fave things from mothering my three...I would never do four without them!!
(Not that I am currently planning on a fourth, I'm just saying.)

Get yourself a Moses basket. I LOVED mine. I had both a basinet and a moses basket and I would never waste my money on a basinet again. Especially since they make awesome stands for moses baskets and its basically the exact same thing, only you can bring it anywhere...pack it up for a visit to Grandma's, Sit it on the counter while you wash dishes, bring it outside for a bit of sun and fresh air, I even traveled with mine so baby would have a safe familiar place to sleep when we were on vaca.

Modern Prince Charming String Quilt

Invest in a pretty quilt. You can find amazing ones on Etsy or sometimes even at antique or thrift stores. 
(Just be sure to wash a few times in baby friendly detergent.) 
Having a quilt that is comfy and pretty will make tummy time and cuddle time that much better.

Family Essentials Bundle

I was picky about the baby wash I used on my kids when they were really tiny. I have very sensitive skin and allergies so I wanted to be careful. If this brand had been around when mine were babies, I would have snatched it right up. It's Jessica Alba's new baby brand The Honest Co.
The really cool part is they will send you your faves every month by mail so you never have to worry about running low.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep Four Soothing Sounds From Nature
This little Lamb is so cute and cuddly just the way he comes, but he will be a sure fave because he also makes soothing womb sounds for your baby to fall asleep to. I cuddled with mine for a month before delivery so it would have my smell too, and my babies loved it.

It's A Big World

This CD is worth a million bucks, but it will only cost you $9. My bestie, who was also a nanny in LA for awhile, sent me this when Bella was small. Everyone of my kids STILL loves this CD and nothing makes them as calm and serene as when they are listening to's kinda crazy. Best part: The songs are mommy-friendly too. NOTHING like most of those annoying kid CD' have a listen.

Renee and Jeremy

Hope you found some new products to love...I would like to hear about your faves too.
(Mom's have to share that kind of valuable info.)

Next week I will be sharing my Fave Five for older petites.

Keeping it Cuddly ASAP
(As Southern As Possible)



  1. I had a Moses basket for my last! LOVED it too! I had the same quilt for all of my kids....I wish I had had that CD a few years ago! xxoo-Kim

  2. Mae! I started listening to the work (shhhhh) and almost fell asleep! This post makes me want to get on the baby bandwagon! Thank you for sharing this! Love the quilt too! :)

  3. OK, I WANT that Moses basket! how gorgeous is that?! Great list, looking forward to seeing your fab 5 for older children too!

  4. Kim and Devon, Moses baskets really are the best...I'm glad others share in my obsession! (And I know Devon that one is AMAZING!...dang Restoration Hardware why do I love you so?) Rachel, SERIOUSLY I am as in love with that CD as my kids...I think it has somekind of magical calming power. :)

  5. Aiden + Anais blankets and an Ergo are my two most needed baby items!