Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Give me the BIRD and no one get's hurt

Feathers for sale...

I am SO not a bird person...I mean nothing against them, but I don't really like any sort of pet that goes potty in the house and I am allergic to dander. It's less known that birds, like cats(EWWWW), have dander but they do... and they both make my eyes all red and puffy and my nose run and itch.

However I do seem to be on a bit of a bird kick today with some CUTE finds I am dying to spend just a smidge of that tax money on. 

Thought I would share the loveliness...
Birdie Ballerina Mini Print
Birdie Ballerina Mini PrintBritsketch

Because this print is whimsical and lovely and because all her drawings look like they should be Disney Princess'...
French Lady Mocha knit shrug
French Lady Mocha Knit Shrug

Because this is kinda French in feel and warm and snuggly... and because she uses a "I" in place of a "Y" in her shop title and I prefer "I"s. A lesser known but absolutely true fact.

Chooka Gypsy Owl Rain Boot

Because It's rainy and yucky outside in 'Drench'burg right now....

Today is one day I hope my husband dose NOT read this blog. Simply because he would probably never know I don't already own these things and then I won't have to answer any questions about mid-day online shopping when these all arrive in a few days!!
(consider yourselves sworn to secrecy!)

Blogging and Buying A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)


  1. Crap...Patrick is gonna kill you for blogging about the boots cause now I have to have those rainboots!! Soo cute!!