Monday, April 4, 2011

Handmade Monday

Code Word: Mom

Imagine my pleasant surprise when the word Mom was the word that popped up today on the random noun generator. 

Being a Momma myself, I am a bit partial to today's Etsy search...but I really think there are some super cute finds.

Personalized Birth Date on Embroidered Hoop
a. e. wilder
I would really like to order this for a YaYa baby because I think it's perfectly retro and dainty.(Unfortunately there are not any YaYa babies currently expected)
Mom, this is the friend I told you about ... --Print --
HIde n Seek
I wish you could see that the name of this print is "Mom this is the friend I told you about"
Life is Beautiful - La Vita e Bella  - Italian Phrase (can be made in silver)
Annie Reh

Mom Tattoo Heart Organic TShirt, Hand Dyed Slate Green and screen printed with White Ink, sized 3 to 6 month
Wren Willow
This would be so cute on Belle with a flowing skirt and her cowboy boots.
LOVE - antique mini spoon

Shades of Pastels Vintage Button Magnet Collection Set
shugabee lane
These are Oh, So cute...and did you see the name of the shop. Insta-fave.
8x10 ABC Print. I love you. Alphabet Love. Typography Print. Light blue and tan.
2142 Stuart
What did you think??

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What was your favorite item?

1. Cross Stitched Welcome
2. Forest Friends
3. It's a Beautiful Life
4. Trendy T
5. Spoon full of Sugar
6. Button Buttons
7. Hidden Message

Handmade is so A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)

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Jillian, of Living in Green

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