Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Party for Peyton.

Year One...

Today was my friend Peyton's very first Birthday. As his dad made the rounds with the video camera asking everyone to say something into it (at which point I suddenly forgot how to speak) I remembered something very special...that made me smile.

One year ago I was (accidentally) at Peyton's birth. Well...not in the room for the delivery, of course...but I got to see him at only five minutes old and that is an amazing thing.

I had been visiting my friends Bria and Jonathan as they awaited the birth of their fourth little bundle of joy, and right as I was leaving, Jonathan asked if someone would run to subway for a sub. (It seemed there would still be alot of waiting.) I offered to drive because I already had my keys in hand. We headed off to, two other friends, and Bria's sister. (this will be important in a sec.)

On the way back we got a call saying "HURRY! The baby is coming...NOW!" Bria's sister, of course, was her second support person. I am sure I was going 70 in a 35mph but it was so worth it...because everyone made it back for baby Peyton's debut into the world. 


Slip and Slide. (Bella and Addie were Twin'n in Their Tutu Suits)

We Threw H2O Ballons at the Children...Yep.

We Had A Whole Ice Cream Buffet to Choose From

It Was The Bee's Knee's

Happy Birthday Peyton!

(As Southern As Possible)

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  1. That's such a sweet story and such a cute post!