Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road Trip Anyone?

One Last Day of Summer...

My kids start back to school next Monday and that, to me, always feels like the official end of Summer. 

I love summer. <3

I love the feeling of the sun burning on my skin. 
(To the displeasure of my dermatologist.)

My kids have been BEGING all summer for a Virginia Beach trip and I am gonna give them one.

(Not this weekend of course...I like every other laid back, summer lovin, procrastination prone, mother of three have fifty-billion back to school errands to run.)

But, some weekend VERY soon I'll have my toes in the water of the salty Atlantic.

We'll be wind blown and sun kissed.

And when I am there, I want to wear this exact sunbathing ensemble. (See the above life magazine fabulous-ness!)

Heading East A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)

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