Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Missing The Sea

I was born near the ocean...

 Salt Air Hair - Large Format

I think it is a true statement that anyone born near the beach (or anyone who spent a great deal of time there as a kid) has some 
Sea in their soul.

I won't go so far as to say I miss all that SoFla has to offer; traffic, too many people, the beach. But it does have a least one thing I miss.

Over Christmas we visited my home state. 
We made several stops, including St. Augustine
which is a perfectly happy sea town. 

Today I wish I could walk the cobble stone streets of St. Augustine and be close enough to the beach to smell the salt air.

Mi Familia 

Beautiful Patina Cannon @ Castillo de San Marcos

I happened to catch this sweet brother & sister moment

The petites with Grandma & Grandpa Jeffrey
(He is a ranger @ the Fort...he dosen't normally go around dressed as a 18th century Spanish solider)

@ The Pirate Museum with Uncle Hunter

Brotherly Love

If you have never been to St. Augustine I recommend it as the perfect little touristy beach town...

Take Me To The Sea

Wishing for some sea air ASAP
(As Southern As Possible)


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