Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keep Calm and Re-Do Something.

Black and white and fun all over...

So when I get bored or bummed out I LOVE to re-do something in my house. I have been a little blah this past week so I found this totally awesome kitchen at Paiges of Style {here} and decided to use it as inspiration for my own kitchen update.

I fell in LOVE with the black and white stripped rug (really fun and somehow unexpected in a kitchen) and I OF COURSE love the "Keep Calm" poster she made. Which you can buy from her for $12 by clicking {here}.

Keep Calm and Eat Bacon Poster- Printable

I found a black and white runner at Crate & Barrel for $49.95 which is top end of what I would spend for a rug in my kitchen but still within budget so I snatched it right up. 
(Please hurry UPS man)

Next I tried my own skill at making a "World Peas" poster. 

Here is what I ended up with.

I think I am off to a good start!! 

The Hubbs and I begin the updates this Thursday.
(We are refinishing the countertops...fingers crossed!!) 

I'll post pics of the progress.
Let me know what you think!!

Making a House a Home ASAP.
(As Southern As Possible)


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