Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paper Dolls.

Retro fun...

Dear Mommies of Girls,

(I loved these so much I thought I would share.)

I LOVED playing paper dolls as a little one. They were my favorite thing to get when my Gram would take me to the Rite Aid with her. I had Barbie ones and a whole set of "flight attendant" ones. My favorite ones by far though were my set of Rainbow Brite paper dolls (they were AMAZING...seriously). 

I found these paper dolls and thought they were so cute and even better FREE! 

Here's a few of my faves. 
(click on the number below each pic to be taken to the page to download and print!)

Ok seriously are those not So fun!!! 
(and there are a bunch more so click around the artists page by going {here} )

You're Welcome!

Making room in my day for some play A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)


Post Script: I bought one of those rolls of magnetic tape at the craft store and stuck it to the back of the dolls and there clothes. Bella uses a plain old extra cookie sheet I had to stick them to when she is playing. It makes it easier than dealing with the tabs that ALWAYS break and makes them good for in the car on road trips too.

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