Wednesday, March 21, 2012

15 Things To Do with A Mason Jar

Well butter my biscuits...

I don't know about you but I have tons of Mason jars being used in various ways & places around my house.

I guess, I have always like them. I used to keep my
"special things" in one at my grandparents' house when I was little and the love affair only grew from there.

I thought there may be others who share in my obsession so I am sharing some ideas on what you can do with all your pretty, southern glass.


Well, of course you could always just add a little H20 and some pretty blooms and you have yourself a lovely addition to any room or table.


Hosting a crafting or sewing party? These would make super cute party favors!


As a busy momma I don't always have the time I wish I did for memory books and such. This idea makes that all so much easier. Just buy a big wide mouth jar and fill it with special keepsakes throughout the year. Then you can re-count all your fave moments of the year on New Year's Eve!! 


I really want something like this on my back porch. We have TONS of deer that wander through are yard so it's hard to keep them from eating a traditional garden...but I don't think they would brave the porch stairs for a bit of thyme.


Speaking of porches, wouldn't this mason jar chandie be AMAZING on one?? 


Maybe you have seen this, I think it's quite genius. You can make your salad the night before (so it's ready when you need to run out the door) and still keep it from getting soggy and gross. Just put the dressing in first, followed by hardy items, then other toppings, and lettuce on top. Shake it up at lunch time and ta-da!!


If you are planning an outdoor party or your yard just needs some extra "pretty"...mason jars can be an easy fix. All you need is a garden hook, some rope, and fresh spring blooms.


Here is an easy and totally cute way to make sure no one misplaces their glass at your next shin-dig. Just paint on a heart or other cute shape using chalkboard paint and then label each with a guests name. They can also serve as place cards if it is a larger celebration, by writing there table number below their name.
(Quick tip: bistro pens look like chalk but work much better and don't rub right off)


Isn't this is the cutest (and tidiest) craft center. <3


I am loving this for my new kitchen! Think I will definitely have to make one. 


Have you seen this? How genius! It is so much cuter than leaving that ugly, long, BBQ lighter laying on my kitchen island.


I think the boys would love making something like this on one of our beach trips this summer & I know miss Belle would love to have her very own "mermaid jar"


I know this one has been done before. But I have a big, old, beautiful Magnolia tree in my back yard and this summer I am going to tackle this project. I just have to find some with lids to keep the rain out when they are not lighting up a perfect summer evening.


Pie in a jar...need I say more? 


I saved my fave for last! Make drinks in mason jars ahead of time and then put them on ice. Seriously, no one wants to have to stop the party to go play bartender again. 

Hope you got some ideas! Let me know if you know any others I missed...I have an abundance of these little guys.

Keeping it ASAP
(As Southern As Possible)


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  1. I LOVE your blog and your ideas! Am going to try them. I am your newest follower (returning your follow) and look forward to more great idea swaps!

  2. Great ideas!
    Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Your blog is pretty darned sweet and all! I'm a new follower! Looking forward to your next post full of nice ideas.

  3. I saw the last one before and thought that was absolutely brilliant! When I first opened this post, I laughed because I can butter a biscuit??? LOL

  4. Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post new follower! :)

  5. I love this post! I always mean to save and collect mason jars for all sorts of pretty uses like these, but never seem to remember! I'll have to get going on it now because these ideas are wonderful!! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Kim...HAha if only I could make them do that ;) careful, once you start collecting them they multiply I promise :)
    Thanks for the kind words ladies!!

  7. I ♥ all the pics in this post! My fave idea is #13!! Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm your newest follower.