Friday, March 23, 2012

Fridge Art {For Classy Moms}

Ok, ok the title is just a joke....

In fact, I wish I had a fridge covered in art work, old Christmas cards and tons of family photos, but...

I have just never liked my kids artwork cluttering up my kitchen. 
(there I said it let the horrified gasps and disapproving looks begin) 

I am a mom to three artistic kids and I don't hang their artwork on my refrigerator...untill now.

I found some old frames yesterday in a Spring cleaning frenzy that I had bought to use for a picture wall that I decided (After buying several of the frames at a store that is over an hour away from us) that I didn't want to do afterall.

I Really love the way they make a sort of Magnetic gallery for their masterpeices. 

Plus this looks much more organized and chic than holding them up with random magnets I got from our local Chinesse food delivery guy.

(Why yes that is a Ninga Easter Bunny thanks for noticing)

And the best part is all you need for this simple project is some old frames you have laying around the house and some heavy duty magnets from the craft store. 
(Oh, and if they aren't self adhesive a glue gun to stick them on with.)

Raising Little Picassos ASAP
(As Southern As Possible)


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  1. The frames definitely class it up :-) Very cute idea indeed! You'd probably die if you saw my's a cluttery mess of photos and well...a bunch of junk. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you next week for the blogiversary.

    Take care,