Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Post: Liza

Amanda's kids, Holden and Bella said they thought that my posts for August Magnolia should be called, "Fancy in Like". I guess this one would be "Fancy in Like with Uganda".

I love going to weddings. 
There is so much excitement built up around that day, and even as a guest you can feel it. I also love to see the personalities of the bride and groom reflected in their choices of flowers, dresses, songs, food, cake etc.

I have been a bridesmaid...many times. 
That is fun too. 

My most recent wedding experience happened to take place in Uganda, Africa. 

My good friend Tara (Vocational Development Director for Fount of Mercy met a wonderful guy named Grace while she was working in Jinja, Uganda. They decided to get married in his culture, in the place that she is now living, full time. 

Some close friends and family made the long trek across the world to share in Tara's celebration and meet the man that she has chosen to spend her life with. I can honestly say that none of us had any idea what we were in for!

The day before the wedding we went to the village that Grace grew up in, to take part in a traditional Ugandan "Introduction Ceremony". His family is huge, something like 68 people. They all introduced themselves to us in a 3-hour long ceremony that reminded me of something funny my sorority would have done. It was so cool. I felt so blessed to be a part of it. 

The next day was wedding day. 
Tara did an amazing job of combining her culture with Grace's. The wedding was a beautiful mix of the two. She wore a traditional American dress while all of the other women wore African prints, the music was a mix of classical instrumental and songs in Swahili, and there were even 200 chocolate cupcakes for guests to enjoy after eating a typical Ugandan meal.

There was so much joy.
People were so excited to be there, celebrating the union of two souls that love each other so much. In Uganda, people are not quiet during weddings like we are. They cheer, they hoot and holler and dance in the isles during the vows! They don't hide their enthusiasm. It was amazing to watch, and I started thinking that maybe they have the right idea! Some weddings can be so solemn. So serious. So planned out and at times...a little boring. Life is exciting, finding your love is exciting, committing to a lifetime together is exciting, watching your friends experience those things is why not show how you feel? 

All in was a fantastic celebration. 

All of us at the introduction ceremony.
Liza and Tara and a few finishing touches.

Beautiful bride. In Africa.
Yummy cakes.

Tara and Grace...Man and Wife.
The Bridal Party.
Brecken (Sister) Tara (Bride) Grace (Groom) Daniel (Brother)
Edith and Timothy, their kids. 

I am Liza Morgan and when I get married...feel free to dance, cheer, hoot, holler and be as excited as you want!

*Liza can be found blogging her brains out everyday over at
The LuLu Chronicles.

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