Saturday, March 5, 2011

Totally Un-edited!!!

I am listening to Adele and imagining myself cruising down the road in a 1950’s teal convertible thunderbird. The road bumps and moves beneath me as I travel, ever closer to the florida coastline... 
I am not the worlds greatest flier as before mentioned and the bumpiness of this flight is just enough that my deodorant is being FULLY tested! 
“Why be afraid of something that you cant control?”, I am sure that is what some of you are probably thinking. Well, if we could fully control what we are afraid of life would be a completely different experience. 
I didn’t plan on writing so much about fear lately but it seems to be a theme that just keeps popping up.
I may have to do some God searching on that one. There is most likely a lesson in there that He is patiently waiting to teach me. 
you know...flying can be a truly beautiful and amazing experience. right now there is no bumps at all just the gentle roar of the engines floating us above a seemingly endless blanket of white cloud cover. 
Bear with me here if I begin to wander I am trying a bit of therapeutic writing. A sort-of freestyle rambling that distracts my brain because I am one that has to concentrate quite hard on typing as it has just never come easy to me. ( A fact I have never see as a positive until just this minute.)
And suddenly the beauty is fading as we enter another cloud that seems to be determinedly grey and too bumpy for my taste. Of course even the slightest of movements when I am this high above the solid ground is too bumpy for my taste.
Not to be negative but even after I survive this very short flight from Lynchburg to Charlotte I have to find the courage to board ANOTHER plane and continue on to my final destination.
Wow so NOT the time to bring that movie up!!
The man snoring behind me makes me simultaneously jealous and comforted.
Jealous because if I were asleep there would be a sweet peaceful dream in place of this nagging anxiety and comforted because it makes me think of my daddy. 
My daddy...thats the reason I am on this plane, braving my fear in the first place. I am going home to see my family. My dad, step-mom, brothers, cousins, Aunt, Uncle, the whole crew...but most importantly my grandpa. 
He is 89 and pretty much the coolest guy I have ever had the pleasure of this moment the stewardess politley asked me to put up electronic device because we were entering our final decent. 
I am posting this as is because I think it will be a particularly funny post once I am home safe with no plans for air travel in the near future.

Trying not to freak out A.S.A.P.
(As Southern As Possible)

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